Keep benevolence in mind
Life and growth in nature

The aim of Simply satisfied is to make everyone feel the greatest satisfaction and happiness through delicious andhealthy food in the most convenient and fast way. We are dedicated to providing high quality and simple food for gourmet enthusiasts.Products, we not only use the latest raw materials to produce, but also pay attention to our environment and sustainable development.Therefore, we try our best to use environmental protection materials to make our packaging.

For Health

Busy urbanites, after their hard work, hope to have a bowl of warm soup at any time, all the fatigue and annoyance will be swept away in a short time!


Our professional team will work with professional dietitians to create a meal menu. Designed to help people better adapt to the various stages of change in physical function, and strive to achieve a reasonable nutrition, balanced diet, reduce and delay the onset of the disease, health care.


Simply Satisfied International Limited has always believed to natural beauty. We will work with professional dietitians to design the most delicious, low-calorie and vegan meal replacement meal, we hope to bring more different beauty experiences to customers in the future.



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